The secret to a good battery is pretty simple


Three variables that change everything

We develop sustainable aluminium batteries

Imagine it. Outstanding performance for multiple applications, at a lower cost and with a commitment to simplify your experience of using batteries.

The era of changes at the Energy, environmental and productive level is here, and that represents a great challenge for all of society.

Great challenges deserve powerful solutions.

Why aluminium?

At Albufera we make aluminium battery energy storage a sustainable, effcient and affordable reality.

Our technology eliminates safety and sustainability issues associated with other battery technologies, thanks to concepts such as operational durability, high performance, and materials involved.

Based on aluminium as the main electrode, different configurations are formed depending on the electrochemical reactions that take place in the cell, and the type of electrolyte that serves as the transport and ion exchange medium.

This is the starting point of various of our aluminium-based technologies, aiming each one, due to its characteristics, at a target market:

  • Aluminium-ion
  • Aluminium-air
  • Aluminium-solid state

Take a leap into the battery of tomorrow.

Expertise and knowledge at a service of your energy

We embrace the energy and digital transitions in which we are immersed to integrate new key parameters in the design of Smart batteries.

And that’s not all.

We explore innovative business models such as circular economy or the Battery as a Service concept.

Find out how our expertise and knowledge in different battery technologies, applications and business models can help you.

Start with confidence.

About us

In Albufera we think that another way of doing things is possible.

We are here to offer a real, sustainable, and cost-efficient technological and commercial alternative to what is established in batteries. We do so from the development of advanced materials and our experience in the various chemistries used in batteries and their respective applications.