Albufera Energy Storage renews its corporate identity and launches a new website

We launch a new website and a renewed image that reflects the growth and evolution of Albufera, with the idea that “another way of doing things is possible”.

It is part of our vision.

Making battery energy storage a sustainable, efficient and affordable reality.

The new corporate identity conveys the idea of ​​technology, dynamism, energy and circularity; it is modern, clean and uses colours that opt ​​for contrast and regular lines that break with previous stereotypes, and is aligned with a more flexible and adapted to the new digital paradigm.

The web design, more visual and interactive, is adapted to mobile devices, offers a clear and intuitive browsing experience, and puts all our knowledge and experience in energy storage technologies within the reach of various stakeholders. Because we are not just another battery company.

And with this transformation, we are promoting our commitment to distinctive attributes of the brand that position us as a real, sustainable and cost-efficient technological and commercial alternative.

The renovation process has also included a change in the way we communicate, much closer and more natural, inspired by the culture and values ​​of Albufera, and adapted to the emerging expectations of our clients and the market.

A new perceived image for a new era.

What is Albufera?

We are a leading Spanish company in marketing, consulting and R&D in energy storage, a pioneer in aluminum technology.

We develop and distribute sustainable aluminum batteries for stationary energy storage, electric mobility and portables.

We embrace the energy and digital transition in which we are immersed to integrate distinctive parameters in the design of new smart batteries, and we explore new business models such as the circular economy or the concept of Battery as a Service.

We are battery energy storage experts

Our unique selling point lies in the development of sustainable aluminum batteries with high performance and at a lower price.

Aluminum-ion technology eliminates safety issues presented by other battery technologies.

The secret to a good battery is pretty simple.


  • We use aluminum with the lowest carbon footprint on the market
  • No heavy metals or other toxic or corrosive elements involved
  • Recyclability ratio close to 100%


  • Our batteries do not burn, neither explode nor present generation of hot spots
  • They do not contain flammable substances
  • Air-transportable technology


  • Over 6,000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge
  • Reversibility in loss of capacity due to low temperature
  • Simplicity of control electronics and protection


  • CAPEX < 100 €/kWh
  • TCO << competing technologies

Who does Albufera add value to?

  • Public and private investors and banks
  • Partners for consortium projects (B2B)
  • Aluminum Battery Customers (B2B)
  • Stationary storage applications
  • Electric mobility
  • Consumer electronics and wearable devices Consulting Services Clients (B2B)

¿Te atreves a cambiar el mundo?


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