We offer our experience and knowledge through advisory, consulting and battery training services.


And we do it in any application to  which you need to provide service.


We know how important it is to walk alongside an experienced technologist who has faced before the challenges that you may face for the first time now.


Therefore, with  you as a clients likes we will go as far as you want.


Once for all, you will truly feel how the battery is not a problem but quite the opposite.


The battery is an opportunity.

Leave us your information and we will contact and offer you timely information about the dates of our next webinars, master classes or battery courses.


We provide advisory and consulting services in energy storage systems in batteries of different technologies and markets.

Study and identification of the most suitable battery technology for each application.

Product sizing and supply.

Technical and market advice on projects related to the battery value chain.

Technical design of battery packs for light electric mobility.

Strategic consulting for the integration of battery energy storage systems in Smart Grids.

Technical Due Diligence: risk analysis in the operation of battery energy storage systems, root cause failure analysis.


Behaviour tests and characterization of materials, electrodes and cells.

Innovative business models

Batteries represent an opportunity in the energy transition pathway.

To realize its full potential, the time has come to develop new business models that foster the deployment of the battery value chain and the transition to a clean and sustainable economy.

Our participation in VELA project leads us to explore the development of new business models through the design of standard battery modules with connectivity, allowing the interoperability of the systems to optimize their management model throughout their circular life, first in urban light electric vehicles and later in uses related to energy storage for Smart Grids.

At Albufera we are working on new circular economy concepts, combining the use of smart batteries for electric mobility with a second life in stationary applications and optimizing the profitability of battery solutions.


Albufera has a team of PhDs. in Electrochemistry and Engineers who lead projects at a European and international level:

  • Creation of new lines of Metal-air batteries.
  • Nanotechnology applied to batteries.
  • Battery applications to smart systems in Smart Grids.

We offer all our knowledge and experience on batteries.

We provide quality content to the community and we want to build with you the most powerful Spanish-speaking community in relation to batteries and energy storage in the world.

Leave us your information and we will contact you to offer you timely information about the dates of our next webinars, master class or battery courses.

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